YFLRAIL Ltd offers a quick turnaround and strategic solution to companies in need of skilled trackmen and women. We take pride in our in-house training program, which equips all of our operatives with the competencies and skill sets necessary to meet our clients’ needs. With over 100 sponsored staff across Manchester, Preston, Birmingham, and Sheffield, we’re able to streamline the resourcing process for both ourselves and our clients.

Our team is always available to discuss how we can help you. We’ve supplied colleagues to a variety of projects, covering a range of roles. Our expertise includes on-track plant operation (including larger clipping machines and compactor plates), cable pulling and dressing works, small plant operation, and TIC trackman work.

At YFLRAIL, we’re committed to equality and internal development. We regularly invest in our employees to help them progress their competency portfolios and achieve their rail-specific goals.

To learn more about how we can assist your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@yflrail.co.uk or by calling 01143 492166.–
Dean Thomas – 

Managing Director